Parquet and flooring

Using wood as flooring originates from the 10th century BC, as we read in the description of life of King Solomon. The floors and floor coverings made of wood are gaining importance in Roman times when it developed a technique of baking timber and longitudinal stacking. Already at the end of the first millennium wooden floors can be found throughout Northern Europe and Atlantic countries colder climates.

It can be said that the floors of their golden age experienced in the 17th century when the famous castles such as the French Versailles was paved with wooden flooring and whose special technique of deposit (marquetry) considered true works of art. Since the parquet of handmade, they could not afford only very wealthy noblemen, and at that time most famous producers were French, Italians, Croats and Slovenes. Today, wood floors are widely available and hardly any household in which there is not some version of wooden flooring. Following the long tradition of wood processing in Croatia, Galeković wooden hardwood flooring are certainly among the finest and most durable floors on the world market. We offer our customers a choice between our brands DUX, DOMINUS and REGIUS and their thermo-treated versions that are more resistant to water and pests, and take on the elegant dark shades.