Panel facades

Fasadne obloge


Long ago houses were mostly built from wood to be later replaced by brick, however recently there has been a new trend in using wood for home exteriors in the form of wall wood cladding.  With this marvelous come back every home can now radiate with a natural warmth and elegance that only wall wood cladding can bring.

Wall wood cladding can be installed on any surface, however we recommend that you follow all mounting instructions as only well installed elements will give you the return on your investment.  We recommend that you paint the wall wood cladding up to two times with a layer of oil to protect it from the elements.

Galeković manufactures its wall wood cladding using only thermo treated ash, which through the thermal process becomes more resistant to water and other damage and achieves a darker elegant colour.  The beautiful colouration alone makes thermo wall wood cladding the ideal material for decorating your home.


• Thermo Jasen

Lenght:900-2400 mm (fingerjointed) 3000mm≤
Width:90-140 mm
Thickness:21 mm