Business acknowledgments


The goal of FSC® is to promote a responsible, socially consciouss and economically sustainable governence of forest resources across the world, by defining globally acknowledged standards within the framework of the principles of forest oversight. Principles and criteria are applied to all forests in the tropical, moderate and northern zones.
PPS Galeković has been awarded the FSC® certificate due to the full compliance with all FSC® COC requirements.



The company has fulilled the highest credit worthiness for the past three business years, and therefore belongs to the exclusive group of 2% of Croatian companies that are allowed to use the status AAA as a symbol of a highest Credit Rating Exellence.




PPS-Galeković and PPS-Majur has been winning prestigious awards by the elite web portal Poslovna Hrvatska for years, recognizing the company to be among the 1000 best value creators in Croatia.



For years now, we have worked on developing the complete production chain, in order to ensure overall quality control. For our efort, we have been awarded with the certificate of Croatian Quality.



In 2008, we receieved the Gazelle award from the professional business portal, The purpose of this award is to stimulate economical development, especially in the field of small and middle entrepreurship, with a special emphasis on values growth, development and trasparent business conduct.



PPS Galeković has received multiple Mobil optimum awards, which are given out every year by the organizers of Ambienta exhibition. The award is a recognition of highest product quality.

So far we have recieved:

silver platter – in 2008, for our oil-treated solid floor made from thermo ash and beech

golden platter – in 2009, for our thermo decking

golden platter – in 2010, for our thermo ash wooden panel facades



We have been awarded the Real wood certificate as a guarantee that all our customers will receive 100% authentic wood products. The certificate is issued by the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (FEP).



FEP, the European Federation of the Parquet Industry, regroups European manufacturers of parquet and their suppliers. It is the main body representing and defending the interests of the European parquet industries towards the European Union. PPS Galeković has been a proud member of FEP for years.



Statement of compliance and CE symbol on parquetry are obligatory within the European Union since March 2010, required in order to prove that elements of flooring fulfill all the requirements that ensure ecological, economical and safety characteristics of all structural elements. PPS Galeković is a proud owner of a ce certification, and brands all export products with it. The same standards are applied to locally sold products, even though they do not bear the CE branding.