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Through hard work and knowledge, PPS Galekovic has progressively developed itself from a small workshop for the production of furniture, carpentry and radio encasements in 1956, to a factory which employs over 100 people at our headquarters in Mraclin. The board of directors is also located here, as well as our factory for solid wood parquet (made from top quality Croatian resources) and a factory for the manufacture of briquets.


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During the Homeland war, the facilities of the Majur wood industries were devastated and the factory was closed. PPS Galekovic began to invest in the renovation of the entire facility four years ago in 2004. Since then over 40 million kunas have been invested in PPS Majur, as we are especially proud of initiating a completely new production process from raw resources to finished product, employing over 95 new workers. Innovation in production include two chambers for thermal wood processing from Finland, which give an additional quality of strength, resiliance and elegance to the already high quality Croatian wood.



PPS Galekovic and PPS Majur are among the leading manufacturing companies in Croatia that have been marked with constant growth for the past number of years. With the growth of the company, the number of jobs have grown in the company as well. With special pride we highlight our initiative in opening a school for wood manufacturing professionals in Kostajnica, where the younger generation has the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge, while gaining practical experience through professional internships in our parquet factory.


Today’s company is a leading manufacturer of solid flooring and parquet in Croatia, with an annual production of over 750.000m2 floors and parquet and the processing of over 40.000m3 of logs. Our work force of over 200 employees embody over 52 years of experience and collective knowledge in processing the best Croatian oak, beech and ash. As a confirmation of the quality of our products, we have attained the FSC Chain-of-Custody certificate, and we are proud holders of the ISO 9001:2001.

The company exports make 65% of the total manufactured goods, and positions its products mainly in the Western European market.

Globalization and European orientation are imperatives for all of our new products. By constantly following technical advancements, modernising factories and refining quality, we follow global advances in technology and modern trends.


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We relate to our buyers and our end customers in the same way we relate to our partners — responsibly and correctly — so that after their purchase, they are satisfied with our service and product. Our company is not preoccupied with profit earnings rather earnings are an outcome of all of our activities which we do to satisfy our customer, employees and the social community in which we operate.

Our employees are hard working, friendly, professional, service oriented, communicative and further educate our customers on our products (that is, how to use it and how to apply it in specified conditions so as to increase customer satisfaction).

The quality of our products gives our customers the assurance that they will use these products with satisfaction. They take pride in having our parquet, while defining high standards we strive to maintain.

Through all the phases of manufacturing we are careful in preserving the environment since we respect the ecological standards during the manufacturing process for which we are respected in our community. By-products are used for further production of biomass or we dispose of them ecologically through our partners.

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We want our products to be synonyms for security, quality and elegance for our buyers. Responsible for doing business ethically, we will create long term strategic parters for further development and growth of the company, while investing in our employees will promote self initiative and responsibility. We will give our contribution to the social community in which we do business, protect the environment through every segment of our business activity.


From premium, top quality, natural and ecological materials, we create a natural and warm ambient in the living spaces of our customers.

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PPS Galeković - drvna industrija

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